The Apreamare shipyards have been operating, as artisans, within the sphere of designing and building typical Gozzo Sorrentino boats since 1849.

The performance of these models has been revolutionised thanks to the introduction of a fibreglass planning hull, whilst still retaining a classically Mediterranean style for all the various environments, which are elegantly finished in wood.

In 2005, Apreamare decided to offer clients a new line of vessels, measuring 51 to 80 feet (approx. 16 – 24 metres) in length called the “Maestro” line. Its unique, sophisticated design flanks and complements the shipyards’ traditional range of Gozzo Sorrentino lobster boats.

Apreamare’s clients are those seeking relaxation, cherish discretion and have a calm relationship with the sea.
Production takes place at the modern production facility in Torre Annunziata.